Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eyes Are Time Machines pt.3 - Broken Flowers

Aphex Twin - Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow

I can't be bothered with this right now.

Proceed to zombie-hobble over to window, check out the street, hope for a sign of something familiar.

A lazy gaze at muddy lawns and stray dogs picking at garbage bags in the alley begs for a drag off my cigarette.

// Breathe //

A slow exhale slips silent through window screen and in the swirls of smoke I see her...
... She was here last night during the storm; a fallen goddess kneeling twelve steps outside my door, soaked through to the bone, a sea of glass beads pouring over her crumpled frame, folded knees kissing concrete, shoulder blades pointing to the sky like broken wings.

Now there is no sign of her - only broken flowers and dead space.

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